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PayPal Credit
New promotion remains at $99+ and consumers will still enjoy no interest on their purchase as long as they make the minimum monthly payment and pay off the full amount within the 6 month period. Flexible Payment Plans For Sunny Jewelers Jewelry purchase

Flexible Payment Plans For Sunny Deals Cellphone / Mobile purchase
 Think of it as an instant and reusable credit line, similar to a credit card, that you can use at checkout when you pay with PayPalBanneryour PayPal account.

PayPal Credit is built into our PayPal payment solution. If your an existing PayPal client, you will already have access to PayPal credit yet may still need to apply.
To pay using PayPal Credit, simply select the PayPal option at checkout, sign into your PayPal account and select the “bill me later” option.

To apply for PayPal Credit, click here!

For more questions regarding PayPal Credit, please contact their customer service at team at (866)528-3733 or visit their FAQs page.